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she sends me pictures of the ocean in an envelope [entries|friends|calendar]
it means "to travel" in spanish

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[17 Feb 2006|11:31pm]

this was such a pretty idea, whatever happened to it?
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[09 Oct 2004|05:58pm]

hello my dear traveling journal friends,
does anyone know where the journal is actually right now?

i'm just wondering.
love, hannah
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[31 Mar 2004|08:01pm]

hey all, i wrote in here a while back but my name was different then (_tilt. but i want to introduce myself again (becos i'm bored & a spaz).
I'm trinity, i live in australia. its summer now & i am eating some grapes. some stuff i like -
bus rides
ducks crossing signs
photos of all kinds
gtr playing messy boys
watching my friends wrestle to african drums
my mummy :)

i'd like sum new ppl too, so feel free to add me (please!) hehe.
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[17 Mar 2004|09:31pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

hi. my name is sera. i'm 18 and i live in st. louis. i met the beautiful nicole through my friend val who i love so much. she is also on the list for the journal. i think that this is such a beautiful idea. this journal will hold a piece of so many people. i'm not sure what i am going to put in the journal just yet, most of the time my words aren't eloquent as i wish they could be. i'm so thankful that i have the opportunity to share this special project with all of you. i love new friends so if you wish to add me i will happily add you as well.


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[03 Mar 2004|08:50pm]
hola, my name is Irana and i'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
i won't be getting the journal because of the shipping price here but i will be sending automobiles some pages for her to stick in it. i know it's not the same but still those pages will have been sent from argentina. =P

you can visit my site: http://keepinmind.garbotalks.org
that's what i do and i'll be pasting some photos from here and tell what i do here in argentina
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an update! wow! [02 Mar 2004|11:44pm]

[ mood | good. ]

hey. sorry i haven't updated in ages. i scanned in two pages that i have done in the journal, they are sort of the same theme, about two of my best girl friends.

i added keepinmind she is from argentina and she can't afford to mail the journal, so she will be sending me some art that i will paste in the journal myself. and i added blizake he wrote a page when he was at my house.

for right now it is still in illinois, but i might be taking it to boston in april and from there it might be going to boston or to california, it all depends.

here are two pages:

i ♥ you.

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wowsah [13 Jan 2004|01:10pm]

[ mood | sick ]

so, it's val again.
yep. i got a new journal.
anyone who had me added before can add this one if you'd like.
add me, add you.

i went and stayed at nicole's house not too long ago.
i love her so much. she keeps me strong.

my other best friend is sera, she's getting this little notebook too.
so if you're after #14 & 15, you can read our craziness.

i like how there are age gaps. a lot of people are even-numbered ages.
there are odds too though.
and me & alex? are 10 years apart.
that's right.
i don't think my pages will be as cute as some of the other people on here.
but i like it, i'll get to see what you lovlies have to write. and draw.

i love ricky martin. and with that,

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my favorite number [06 Jan 2004|11:56pm]

hello, i'm alex. i'm 26 and live in portland oregon. i hear i'm number 24 in the list, which is actually my favorite number. i like bikes, zines, typewriters, and travel. i have never done one of these book things but i have made my own books to fill with thoughts and images. i'm looking forward to this.
i'll leave you with a quote:
"art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feelings the artist has experienced" -Tolstoy
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[31 Dec 2003|02:17am]

i'm ann.
nicole is my best friend la la.
and i have the journal in my possession now.. bwah ha ha ha. i have done 4 & 1/2 pages thus far,
and i hope when you all read them,
you'll enjoy them.
i'll try to make them un-boring.
and lovely.
and spectacular.
and fun.

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[29 Dec 2003|12:33am]

this is my first post here. my name is anastasia. i'm working on the journal right now. here is a photo of the first pages of the journal, that nicole did.

love love love. ♥
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i made up a word, numberous! [24 Dec 2003|01:18pm]
[ mood | random ]

i got the journal back from olivia yesterday. so far i have put three izones, two polaroids, numberous photos and lots of color in it.

i will be taking the journal with me over christmas break to have some friends write in it, and then my aunt will write in it, and then i want to send it to california.

(sorry it is taking so long.)

also i have counted the pages, and i think there is 366 pages (sides), an estimate.

divided by the number of people left on the list, if everyone does fourteen pages, (which would be seven pages front and back), then we will fill the journal.

that's all for now, have a merry christmas. i love you. ♥

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just wondering. [17 Dec 2003|12:07am]

[ mood | freezing cold. ]

where is the journal now?
how far down the list?

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[11 Dec 2003|11:35pm]


i'm molly, number sixteen.
sixteen years old, born on november sixteenth;
it fits.
i play violin and did okay on an audition three days ago, but not as well as i would have liked to.
once, when i was little, i discovered how to climb trees without getting bark and dirt in my eyes. the secret: you watch your hands, watch your feet. never look up at the sun when climbing up a magnolia.
i'm scared of the future,
and i get worked up over little things
but my definition of 'worked up' probably differs from yours.
okay, not probably, just maybe.
i shouln't speak so surely of what i truly don't know.
i see the number thirty eight everywhere,
and i can't wait to read and write in the journal.

i'm friends with nicole, and hannah.
they are so beautiful.

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[08 Nov 2003|10:53am]
hey all;
i'm hannah. i live in virginia. i'm seventeen. i'm nicole's friend. as well as val & mollymichael's. i got photo adhesive stuff for my birthday last night, so that should help me me make the notebook splendid.
i'm quite sure what to say. so i guess hi? hi!
i love to write. and doodle lines all over the place. and making collages out of girly fashion magazines.
i don't love school or anything related to it. except maybe the football games, because i get to listen/see the marching band. they are awesome with their tall hats.

by the way, is there a certain amount of pages that we should use? is there a limit?
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[05 Nov 2003|08:17pm]

i n t r o d u c t i o n

i am trin [trinity cotton]. i am 19. i am australian. but thats not really who i am thats just what i fit into, slots with names. but i could write about my identity for ages i'd rather speak of my excitement of receiving my page. i have great intentions.
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i'm new [29 Oct 2003|06:52am]

[ mood | creative ]

and i am going to create my little heart out, baybee when that sucker gets here.
so ya'll bettah hurry up :)
it think i should take this time to introduce myself.
i mean, if we're all going to share this we should spend some time knowing eachother, correct?

I'm val. I'm sixteen and one half. :) i live in kirkwood, mo.
i have a dinosaur obsession.
i like a boy who can't make up his mind.
i'll tell you more later, kiddies :)

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one. [28 Oct 2003|07:17pm]
[ mood | okay. ]

hi. this is the community for the the journal project. i'm really excited.

here is a picture of the journal:

as you can see by the pen lying on that one page, it is pretty big, a lot bigger than a pen. it's also a little bigger than a normal sized notebook. it's maybe.. three hundred some pages. really thick.

if you have problems with money and mailing it we will work something out.

and if you have a problem mailing it to another country, like england or australia, tell me, and i'll have someone else who doesn't mind mail it overseas when it gets to that point.

here is the list of people so far:Collapse )

okay. bye. i adore you.

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