alex (thinkbettersick) wrote in viajar,

my favorite number

hello, i'm alex. i'm 26 and live in portland oregon. i hear i'm number 24 in the list, which is actually my favorite number. i like bikes, zines, typewriters, and travel. i have never done one of these book things but i have made my own books to fill with thoughts and images. i'm looking forward to this.
i'll leave you with a quote:
"art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feelings the artist has experienced" -Tolstoy
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thank you for joining and posting. i'm really glad you are going to be a part of this project. you are so talented and creative, you'll really be adding something to this.

&i like that quote.

♥, nicole
hi, alex.
i like typewriters and travel, too. almost more than anything. places to go and keys to type them all down with. <3
24 is my fave too, lucky duck. i think i'm 17 or 13 or something. who knows.