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so, it's val again.
yep. i got a new journal.
anyone who had me added before can add this one if you'd like.
add me, add you.

i went and stayed at nicole's house not too long ago.
i love her so much. she keeps me strong.

my other best friend is sera, she's getting this little notebook too.
so if you're after #14 & 15, you can read our craziness.

i like how there are age gaps. a lot of people are even-numbered ages.
there are odds too though.
and me & alex? are 10 years apart.
that's right.
i don't think my pages will be as cute as some of the other people on here.
but i like it, i'll get to see what you lovlies have to write. and draw.

i love ricky martin. and with that,
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